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Oral Motor Skills Session

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New patient: 45 minutes. Follow-up: 30 minutes. While a tongue-tie procedure is quick in terms of time, it is important that parents understand that the procedure itself is only a small piece of the puzzle for optimal feeding and lasting oral motor skills. Pre- and post- frenectomy work is essential to ensuring optimal outcomes and the achievement of long-term goals. During our Oral Motor Skills Session, our IBCLC will teach you how to: - establish baby's palatal tongue resting posture - achieve lip closure at rest - establish nasal breathing - support maturation of oral-motor skills to support age appropriate feeding skills - create habits to decrease body tension . Suck training along with every day habits to help release body tension and optimize tongue function are introduced before a frenectomy. These will also be used for months afterwards. These exercises will support achievement of better range of movement (in tongue, lips and jaw), new motor patterning (i.e. the development of new motor plans that are not 'compensatory') and habituation of optimal oral rest posture and breathing habits which all come together for improved feeding-breast or bottle!

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